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.hi, and welcome to the community! this is where mknsen08 keeps her graphics. Since 12/22/08, this community will be open to public, with a few member-exeptions (more information next). hope you'll like what you see here, and give credit for it! :)) ps. if you need an icon for affiliating purposes, then feel free to snag any icon you like in the community. ;)

all i ask is that you credit what is not yours, disclaim what is not yours, comment if you like what you see, and comment to say thank you. pps. icon changes periodically. :D


.member-exeptions are not much to look forward to. but since i like locking my posts first to see how it looks, they'll be the first ones who would see my graphics and they have permission to use them if they like. also, these are the people whom i don't require credit just as long as they don't claim it as theirs. you don't apply for membership here, but i remember those who comment on my posts and say at least 'thank you', and that's how i decide. :)